I shouldn't have underestimated June. I really thought that I would sit back, submit on the few breakdowns that come out and hope for a few call backs. Though it is still May! Maybe productions are trying to finish up before the doomed month. 2 great bookings in 2 days is very exciting for our little agency family.

When the agency first opened, I was pretty open to who I represented and I also was open to repping people only for commercial or only for theatrical. My leniency was and still is often taken advantage of. I will explain.
Its is very easy to get a commercial agent in LA. Commercial agents are not that picky-volume is often what they are going for...if they submit a ton of people there is a high chance that someone will book.. Commercial auditions are very competitive because so many people audition.

Theatrical agents are very very difficult to get in LA. A casting director for film and tv will only see a small amount of actors for each role, therefore it is hard to get an audition. So agents only take people that have credits or show extreme promise.
There is also the fact that there are a lot of commercial agents and only a few theatrical. The reason for this is that getting the breakdowns for theatrical submissions is difficult and pricey. Getting the casting information for commercials for s manager, agent and even for a non SAG agent is free with the proper documentation. SO there are only a few of us theatrical agents out there.

In all honesty I make more money on commercials and if I were a great business woman I would shut down the theatrical division of my agency. BUT I am not only business a woman, I am a person that loves the entertainment industry and wants my actors to work. And most actors don't dream of being a commercial actor-they dream of being in a film or in a sitcom!!

So I have chosen to ONLY REPRESENT PEOPLE ACROSS THE BOARD. "Across the board" means I rep my clients for commercials, tv, film, print and whatever else comes along! We are a one stop shop no need for another agent. I try to make this very clear before I even set up an interview with potential clients. I dont want to waste any one's time. But at least one actor out of ten will try to only have me rep them theatrically, whether out of loyalty to an old agent or the need to have the name of a big agent. Having the big agent is only good if you work and are sent out. There is no honor in having their logo or being able to say " my agent is so and so" unless you have the work to back it up. Then I run into the actor that signs with me across the board, then a few months later gets a commercial agent and says "please keep me on theatrically!" To that I have to say buh bye. Its disrespectful and dishonest.

Why across the board??
Because it is soooo much easier for us. We know our actors and know how to submit them. Its painful to have someone perfect for a commercial role and we cant submit them because someone else reps them. Also, we choose quality people for both commercial and theatrical, it is not a numbers game for L & L Talent. We do believe in our actors.

So we had to "clean house" a bit this past month and our family is a bit smaller. We try to be completely honest with every one, especially regarding their career and the state of the industry. Hopefully after the SAG vote this month things will pick up.

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