Lets Get Ready to RUMBLE! October is usually super busy. Get ready to audition for all of the Christmas commercials -and possibly- the mother of them all---the super bowl commercials. There are also a lot of guest star and co star spots out there for the grabbing! Get out there to those casting director workshops and make connections. We are already feeling the crunch, auditions are really picking up and the breakdown lists are getting longer.

We had to drop a few members of our L & L Family last week. It was hard on us, but the agency #s got too big and we had to let actors go that don't make auditions or don't get chosen by casting directors to go on auditions. Lara and I text, email and call out audition notifications so there should never be any confusion. If you need to miss for a specific reason, please let your agent know. DO NOT EVER JUST MISS. This reflects the agency and YOU as an actor. Casting directors remember those that are flakey and call and tell us when you miss! We love our actors, but have to realize sometimes that maybe a different agent would better suit you. We love for actors to leave on a good note with no bad feelings. Those that leave the agency are always welcome to ask us questions or ask for letters of recommendation for other agencies. The talent agent community is small and a lot of us know each other and are willing to help each other out.

Thanks to all of you that make your auditions. It is really not that hard to stay on top of things.
Some reminders
-have a passport, you never know when a job will whisk you off to a foreign land
-update pics as you change, you need to look like your photos
-update size changes, if your child grew 4 inches this summer I need to know
-be savvy, know the casting directors, know about the shows you are auditioning for
-communicate with your agents
-don't be a liar, make sure everything on your resume is true, experience and skills!
-thank your agent....this isn't an easy job