This is not an industry that you can immediately break into. Sure we have all heard the stories of people that arrive in LA and become famous in 2 weeks. What we don't hear is that they have studied for years, have contacts and probably have really really good karma. In all seriousness this is a hard road to walk on. If your goal is to be famous you probably need to rethink your goals. If you love to perform and are constantly challenging yourself to play new roles -you may just have a good chance. JUST BEING GOOD LOOKING IS NOT ENOUGH! Maybe for print work-but there are a lot of really good looking people out there and a lot of them know people in the industry. You need to be savvy and meet some of these people. Make something happen for yourself-do shorts, do free theater. Make your own experiences to build up your resume. Patience is important too, don't bother your agents and manager asking them whats wrong or why your not getting out. Its a waste of time for people that are working hard for you.

Now I need to amend my last blog about my son. The missing auditions for important childhood milestones. I have a client missing an audition for the first day of school- he is 6 years old. This is an important day for him and I think that this is a valid reason to miss an audition. Kids have not chosen this path for themselves, they are discovering who they are and what they like. Being involved in all sorts of activities is a part of being a kid. Forcing an audition is never a good idea. adults out there have chosen this path, you know that you want to be an actor, adults should not miss auditions! Adults are waiting tables so that they can make auditions, doing odd jobs in hopes of making it in this industry. Don't miss opportunities. Even small jobs can turn into big jobs. Maybe you will meet a up and coming director that will remember you in the future, or a small casting company may grow and want to hire you later down the line.

Congrats to all of the L & L Talent peeps that worked this summer. Thanks for helping the agency grow with your talent!

here are some links to some of the jobs that our clients have worked on.

Daniel, my client- my son

Today is my son Daniel's 4th birthday. He was the inspiration for me starting L & L Talent. I didn't want anyone else to represent him. I started the agency from our home in Sierra Madre, while watching him play with his duplo blocks and toddle around.

I think he is so beautiful and perfect. Many parents think the same of their children. It is how it should be, every parent should think-and know that their child is the most beautiful child in the world. I often get emails and phone calls from parents echoing the same phrase-"my child is so beautiful. Everyone always tells me that he/she should be in commercials or be a model." These parents are testing new waters, most have never done anything in the industry before. Most parents of young children are not seeking work to make money, rather, they do it for the thrill of seeing their kids on television. Which is fine because many jobs are very low paying for children.

The problem here is that everyone thinks that their kids are made for this industry. Many are, however, there are limited jobs out there for babies and kids. A lot of the ads are reused for years and years, that pampers baby that you see on the box could very well be 12 years old now! Having a child actor is not easy. There are lots of trips to and from LA, a lot of waiting and disappointment. It is the parents job to keep things in perspective for the child. School and activities should come first, then auditions.

I think Daniel has a great outgoing personality and is beautiful. I submit him on everything I see come in. He has only been on 8 auditions in the last 3 years-been on avail twice and booked once. I would never have him miss something that he wants to do at home or with his friends to go to an audition. He missed an audition 2 weeks ago for "wacky water Wednesday" at preschool. To an adult this seems so silly, but to him this was the most important activity for the week. I wasn't going to let him miss out on this to go to an audition. When we do go to auditions I tell him that he is "meeting new friends." He loves meeting new people and it takes the pressure off of him feeling like he needs to perform.

Happy Birthday to the little man behind L & L Talent, my first son and my very first client.

On your side!

We are on your side. Agents are not against the actor, neither are casting directors. We want you to succeed! There are so many scams out there that I try to stress to clients and potential clients that we are legit. We never ask for money, the only time we get paid is IF you work. Some potential clients interview us as if they are taking a chance on us. In reality we are taking a chance on the talent. We put a lot of effort into each client and sometimes we see no monetary rewards from the months/years of work. A bad actor can give the agency a terrible reputation.
Auditions do go in waves, you may go out 2x a week-you may go out 2x a year. Just make it good when you do in the door. We are sending you out-we have to in order to make any money at all!
I have a new little baby client (9months now) She has only been on 2 auditions since June, she booked both! She is doing her job and I am doing mine. My part of the deal is to get you the audition-the actors part is to book the job.
We are looking forward to a great year! Sept should pick up and we hope to get everyone some amazing auditions. Dont forget to follow us on twitter "melodylltalent" and "laralltalent".