So you received an email and text notification with info about your audition. FANTASTIC!

PLEASE make sure to read ALL details including time, date, location, wardrobe and ANY SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS. They are VERY IMPORTANT!!! Sometimes you will be asked to wear specific items, or to not wear certain colors. You may be asked to bring three headshots and resumes. You may be asked to bring your real-life husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend/brother/sister/dog/iguana. You may be asked to go to a completely different location altogether. It's really in your best interest to READ ALL THE DETAILS!!!

(Remember that short "trick" quiz from school where the instructions were to READ THROUGH ALL QUESTIONS BEFORE WRITING DOWN ANY ANSWERS? Question #1 was "Write your name, last name first, in the upper right corner of your test paper in BIG BLOCK LETTERS." Question #2 was to draw a huge five-point star in the upper left corner. And so on. And then you get to the last question and it says to disregard all previous questions, DO NOT write anything down and to just put your pencil down, turn the paper over and sit quietly until the bell rang (usually about two minutes later)? Well, don't be THAT guy/girl who turns in his/her paper with his/her name emblazoned in the upper right corner in BIG BLOCK LETTERS with a stupid five-point star in the upper left corner! D'Oh!!! In this scenario, be THE guy/girl who reads all the instructions and BOOKS the job!!!!)

Always bring a headshot and resume to every audition. For LAC commercial auditions, always check for sides posted on the site whether or not the notes say they are posted. Also, bring your CF barcode with you, in your wallet or keep them with your headshots, just in case. Sometimes they forget to note that sides have been posted or that a barcode is required. It's good to prepared. (If you have any questions about barcodes or how to access sides, please email us ASAP!!!)

Also, for commercial auditions, you will most likely receive more than one notification for each audition. Melody and I both send the notices out, so you will get at least two LAC emails and two LAC texts. If you don't confirm on LAC or if we don't hear from you via text or email, we will probably send it out again, followed by personal texts. Remember, if you cannot get to a computer to confirm your audition, let us know via text ASAP and we will confirm for you!!! (And please make sure that your phones are text-capable. If you cannot receive texts on your phone, you won't be able to receive audition texts or urgent messages from us so we will hold off on submitting you. Send us a text when your phone is text-ready!)

One more thing: HOPE YOU ALL ARE ENJOYING THE HOLIDAY SEASON!!!! Stay safe and warm!!! We look forward to a fabulous new year full of WOOHOOOS!!!


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