You may as well write that along with your personal contact info on a public bathroom wall if you're going to write any personal info down on sign-in sheets and info cards at auditions.

Please please please remember to NOT write down any personal info including but not limited to phone numbers, email addresses, home or work address, social security number, etc. Please only write down the
agency address, email and phone. (This goes for RESUMES too!) Don't think that the more info you divulge, the better chance you have at booking the gig because they can get a hold of you faster (seriously, one newbie client actually thought this was the case!). Trust me, you will know if you got a callback, have been put on hold or if you *woohoo* booked a job the nanosecond after we find out! SO, IF YOU BOOK THE JOB, THEY WILL ASK FOR THIS INFO AND YES, IT IS OK TO PROVIDE THE INFO ONCE YOU ACTUALLY BOOK THE JOB.

One of our newer clients didn't know any better and happened to write down their email and phone number ("because they asked for it") and after the audition, the "casting director" contacted them at home and proceeded to praise their daughter's audition (but oh, they still haven't made final casting decisions yet) and said that she was so talented and had such potential (well, duh, she is an L & L girl after all!) and they would love to invite her to participate in THEIR workshops. And she even had the nerve to tell them that these were DISNEY Studio Workshops. And that DISNEY directors would be at the classes and that the kids would be cast in DISNEY shows. WHAT WHAT WHAT? And all this for a fee, of course.

Umm, hello???? Stop right there. Did she just SOLICIT paid classes to our talent? And did she actually lie and say that these were sanctioned and sponsored by DISNEY??? I'd like to say "OH NO SHE DI'UHNT" but unfortunately, she DID!!! Guess she didn't know (or doesn't care) that it is AGAINST THE LAW to do this. Especially if the "casting director" happens to actually BE the "workshop provider" peddling her wares. Can you say "unscrupulous"? How about "ILLEGAL"? See below:

Workshop Providers will notify Casting Directors that they are not allowed to solicit actors to attend their paid workshops. Workshop Providers will notify actors that this practice is illegal and that, if it occurs, a complaint may be filed with the Office of the Labor Commissioner at one of its offices throughout the state, or the office of the City Attorney of Los Angeles, and/or the Casting Society of America.

Thank goodness our client thought it was a bit strange that this "casting director" said, "Now I know all this may
seem like a conflict with your agency but..." so they checked with us first. Now seriously, it isn't a conflict with the agency -- we are all for taking classes and workshops to develop your skills and hone your craft -- but it IS a conflict of interest to procure personal information from an audition and use said info to SOLICIT sales. Actually, not just a conflict of interest, but is is AGAINST THE LAW in the State of California and hopefully everywhere else as well.

* * * * *

Another time, a client (who also didn't know better) listed his email address at an audition. And although this was listed as SAG audition on the breakdowns, it wasn't. Shady shady. This time it was the casting facility who took his info and contacted him after the audition to sell him their "exclusive" online service/membership so he could "view" his own audition online. Again, when he asked if they had made any decisions about callbacks, the answer was "oh, not yet..." And they dangled the online service in front of him to make him think it would improve his chances of booking the part if he signed up. And they continued to spam him with solicitous emails, but he just ignored them. This facility lets "casting directors" use the space for free in exchange for people's contact info so they call sell their services. So just DON'T give out your personal info.
(Apparently a lot of people who self-submit have had similar experiences at this facility -- email me if you want to know the name of the place so you can stay away!)

* * * * *

So please know we are just trying to protect you and your privacy. DO NOT GIVE OUT YOUR PERSONAL INFO. YOU NEVER KNOW WHO LOOKS AT THOSE SIGN-IN SHEETS. (Stalker alert!) 'Nuff said.

* * * * *

On a happier, positive note, we have been getting some pretty cool auditions and bookings lately! Keep up the great work guys!!!! :-)


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The title if this blog posting was cut & pasted directly from a breakdown for a feature film. I did this so actors can see that we cannot always call and bother casting directors! Of course we do when it is warranted, but there is a fine line between pitching and bugging!

A lot of our non union people have been joining the union! We are so excited for all of our new SAG members! This will make a difference in the caliber of auditions they get!

Please post and comment on the blogs, I would love to open this up to a forum for questions.