Happy 3rd Birthday L & L

So L & L Talent is now on Twitter... we will post some special castings there when we do not represent a certain type that a casting director is looking for. We go the extra mile for casting directors searching for specific types. Most agencies just overlook special castings because it does take extra time and effort. We facebook and tweet to help out the casting directors. Even on small jobs, this way they know we will always be available to them and they can count on the agency to help them in a pinch. So please follow us on twitter- MELODYLLTALENT and LARALLTALENT. This way you can see if you fit criteria that we are looking for, OR maybe you know someone that does. When a casting director is looking for a man over 60 that is 4'10", bald, and pregnant with no thumbs-L & L Talent will tweet and find it for them-hopefully.

October has been very productive, especially for the younger clients! Congrats to all of the bookings this month. I have had quite a few disappointments this month as well: 6 bookings fell through due to my clients. This is unacceptable! If you book a job you HAVE to work it. We are currently rewriting our contract to send out to clients adding revisions and we are including booking info. If you book a job and miss it it makes the agency look REALLY bad! From now on you will owe the agency the commission on the missed job and an apology gift basket to be sent to the casting director! Not sure if I can put the gift basket clause in the contract, but I am gonna try!

SO L & L Clients should expect the new contract in the next few days. I hope.

We are going to continue to push and work especially hard for the next month. Once Thanksgiving hits us things tend to slow down until pilot season. There will still be work, but we wont be as slammed.

Please continue to utilize our email and texts. It is easier for us to get back to you that way.

Last note is Happy Birthday L & L Talent, we have been going strong for 3 years now. I am especially proud of my first group of L & L family members that are still with us! The charter group of actors had 35 members, we still represent 18 of you. Among that small group we have had 5 non union actors join SAG, 8 print jobs, 3 movie roles, 4 pilots, 4 co stars, 2 guest stars, 4 Public Service announcements, 15 commercials and way too many auditions to count. Thank you L & L Talent O.G.s for trusting a new agency. I am proud to say that we wont be calling ourselves "new" anymore. Its crazy that this agency started in my house with a baby on my lap...oh wait that's still going on!