Be sure to re-evaluate your skills and skill LEVELS from time to time. BE HONEST! It is frustrating when we submit actors for roles that require a skill because the skill is listed in their profile or resume and they have to decline because they are "NOT COMFORTABLE" with the skill at this time. WTF?

DO NOT list the skill unless you can actually DO it. If you haven't played the saxophone since elementary school and do not even own a sax, DO NOT check off "saxophone" under musical talents. If you took ballet for only a month
in kindergarten, PLEASE do not list ballet as a skill. If you haven't spoken a word of French since the '80's, please do not say that you are at an intermediate level, even if you endured three years of high school French and can sing "Frere Jacques" or "Alouette" with a believable accent.

If your casting profile says that you are at an INTERMEDIATE level in Spanish, you should be comfortable with copy and can carry on simple conversations. After a couple of run-throughs, it should sound like you are fluent, even if it is scripted. This is what is known as CONVERSATIONAL SPANISH.

If you have taken a course or two or if you did REALLY well during your three years of high school Spanish and you actually still remember some of it and have the accent down and are comfortable with reading a few lines of Spanish copy, that would be BEGINNING level.

However, if you say you are FLUENT in Spanish, not only do you have to be able to converse in unaccented Spanish, but you also should be able improv in Spanish AND you better be prepared to read copy written in English and translate it on the spot.

Wannabe accents are another pet peeve of mine and ALL casting directors, directors, and well, just about EVERYONE.
If all you can say is "Oh, bloody great!" (however believable you may THINK it sounds), it does not qualify as a British accent. If you are not from Great Britain or did not spend a significant amount of time living there, DO NOT say that you have an "authentic" British accent. Most of the time, if they are looking for an English bloke, there is a good chance that the director or producers are English blokes themselves so THEY WILL KNOW IF YOU ARE A FAKE!

So, regarding SKILLS, ya better check yourself before ya wreck yourself...your reputation, that is.

Just sayin'.

"Oh bloody GREAT!"

Thanks for stopping by! Have a FABULOUS day!


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