On your side!

We are on your side. Agents are not against the actor, neither are casting directors. We want you to succeed! There are so many scams out there that I try to stress to clients and potential clients that we are legit. We never ask for money, the only time we get paid is IF you work. Some potential clients interview us as if they are taking a chance on us. In reality we are taking a chance on the talent. We put a lot of effort into each client and sometimes we see no monetary rewards from the months/years of work. A bad actor can give the agency a terrible reputation.
Auditions do go in waves, you may go out 2x a week-you may go out 2x a year. Just make it good when you do in the door. We are sending you out-we have to in order to make any money at all!
I have a new little baby client (9months now) She has only been on 2 auditions since June, she booked both! She is doing her job and I am doing mine. My part of the deal is to get you the audition-the actors part is to book the job.
We are looking forward to a great year! Sept should pick up and we hope to get everyone some amazing auditions. Dont forget to follow us on twitter "melodylltalent" and "laralltalent".

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