Daniel, my client- my son

Today is my son Daniel's 4th birthday. He was the inspiration for me starting L & L Talent. I didn't want anyone else to represent him. I started the agency from our home in Sierra Madre, while watching him play with his duplo blocks and toddle around.

I think he is so beautiful and perfect. Many parents think the same of their children. It is how it should be, every parent should think-and know that their child is the most beautiful child in the world. I often get emails and phone calls from parents echoing the same phrase-"my child is so beautiful. Everyone always tells me that he/she should be in commercials or be a model." These parents are testing new waters, most have never done anything in the industry before. Most parents of young children are not seeking work to make money, rather, they do it for the thrill of seeing their kids on television. Which is fine because many jobs are very low paying for children.

The problem here is that everyone thinks that their kids are made for this industry. Many are, however, there are limited jobs out there for babies and kids. A lot of the ads are reused for years and years, that pampers baby that you see on the box could very well be 12 years old now! Having a child actor is not easy. There are lots of trips to and from LA, a lot of waiting and disappointment. It is the parents job to keep things in perspective for the child. School and activities should come first, then auditions.

I think Daniel has a great outgoing personality and is beautiful. I submit him on everything I see come in. He has only been on 8 auditions in the last 3 years-been on avail twice and booked once. I would never have him miss something that he wants to do at home or with his friends to go to an audition. He missed an audition 2 weeks ago for "wacky water Wednesday" at preschool. To an adult this seems so silly, but to him this was the most important activity for the week. I wasn't going to let him miss out on this to go to an audition. When we do go to auditions I tell him that he is "meeting new friends." He loves meeting new people and it takes the pressure off of him feeling like he needs to perform.

Happy Birthday to the little man behind L & L Talent, my first son and my very first client.

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