Its a Job

I have been thinking about my actors and their frustration with not working all of the time. If you think of this industry as a business you cant expect to reach CEO level in one year. You need to work toward it. Put your time in. Sure there are a few people that seem to just come out of no where and become famous. But usually if you look at their past, they have put in the time and you just havent seen them. (or they have a famous relative)
Ways to put in your time and work towards a great career-
-TRAIN, a theatrical background is the best thing! Casting director workshops, College Courses!
-SKILLS, be interesting and different (every one can throw a baseball... but can you juggle 5 of them?)
-BE PREPARED-it IS hard to get an audition-so when you get one NAIL IT!!!
-NERVES-lose them
-DESPARATE?-Lose it, a casting director smells fear like a bee... go in confident, do your job and don't act like you will die if you do not book this job.
-BLAME GAME-don't blame anyone for not making it, your agent wants you to work-this is the only way we get paid...we are on your side and pulling for you. Same goes for the Casting director, they want you to be the one for the job, that way they can stop looking!
-BE POSITIVE-dream big and be happy-it looks good on you!

When I acted my first agent got me out all of the time, it was a small agency that no longer exists (Color Me Bright) I constantly blamed them for not getting out enough and for not gaining my union status. It wasn't until I took control of my own career that I started booking. I gained SAG/AFTRA status on my own with no agent, then seeked new representation. I worked hard. Even with all of the work I put in (about 5 years) I slowly eeked my way towards national commercials and some TV, with no notoriety and probably only breaking even financially.
If you think that being an actor is a glamorous and easy job you are mistaken. This is a long haul, filled with disappointment and rejection. It is truly for the love of the craft that we are all in this. If you are only auditioning because you think getting into night clubs and having your picture taken by paparazzi is exciting you are in this for the wrong reasons and most likely will not make it.
For kids this is fun stuff, enjoy the auditions and be yourself! The industry is into REAL people right now, real moms and kids, real soccer players, real kids...not model polished kids. They want confident kids with great smiles looking to have fun. Training for a kid probably isn't needed until age 10 and over. The competition and expectations get bigger and higher as you get older. By 18 you are expected to have a union and a big resume. My advice for kids is to take as many acting classes as you can in school-they are extremely expensive outside of high school and college. Even if you aren't in school you can take classes at your local junior college.

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