Actors always ask what kind of photos they should upload onto the casting sites or what kind of "looks" they shoul
d take at their next photoshoot. While it's good to have a variety, it isn't necessary to have 25 "looks" or wear major costumes.

First of all, you need a BASIC, m
ain headshot. Casual and versatile. If you are on a budget and can only print up one photo, this is the one you would use. A SMILE would be great here.


You also need a BUSINESS shot. Something you could wear to the office, a courtroom, a wedding, a nice restaurant. This could be your non-smiley shot.


And if you have room in your budget for additional photos, you can add character looks. Choose a cute/nerdy/quirky or badass/thug or drunk/junkie/homeless or rockstar/biker dude look. This could also be your body shot for print work: If you have tats, this would be good place to showcase them. If you have a rockin' bathing suit body or great hands, feet and/or legs, SHOW THEM OFF HERE!



Body shot

Tear sheet

Badass biker dude

High fashion


Hair model

Make sure you don't have the same pose, smile, expression in each shot. A former client posted 5 or 6 photos online but his facial expression never changed in any shot. It looked like he had photoshopped his face onto different bodies. Just sayin'.

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  1. Thank you for this. I am taking new photos on Thursday. I am not sure I could ever look as good as that dog but I will do my best.