The answer is YES.

Actors, PLEASE do not ask your agent if you are being submitted on projects. As our clients know: As long as your headshots are current, your casting profiles are updated and your passports are valid, we submit you on every single role that is appropriate. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. 
And please do not send casting notices or breakdowns that "you got from a friend" to your agent asking if they can "get you in". You were already submitted...YESTERDAY.

We at L & L Talent are always working for you. 24/7. Yes, that usually includes weekends and holidays. We don't stop working for you just because the typical workday or workweek ends.

Please don't ask if we are getting responses from these submissions. The response will be in the form of an audition! Feedback from an audition? THAT would be a callback! Great feedback from a callback would be your BOOKING! 

And please don't ask if we have heard anything from the CD's. As you all know, we notify you IMMEDIATELY when you get an audition/callback/booking. And in return, we expect an immediate response from YOU to confirm. Also confirm all callback and shoot dates when you confirm any audition. 

Most CD's only contact us when there is a booking. So please do not expect to hear anything if you do NOT book the part. CD's do not have time to contact everyone to let them know that they unfortunately did not book or that they have been released from their AVAIL or HOLD, sorry.

Another thing - please do not ask your agent to call casting and PITCH you, ESPECIALLY if you don't have
 substantial credits on your resume, such as series regular roles or numerous guest star or co-star credits. We pitch you by submitting you appropriately every day, with detailed notes, through proper channels. Please understand that most CD's do not appreciate phone pitches. If we made (and they took) phone pitches all day, no work would ever get done. 

TRUST your agent. If you honestly don't think your agent is submitting you on EVERYTHING possible, maybe it's time to find a new one.

P.S. Keep your text-enabled phones with you at all times! On-the-go internet access is essential! 
Email is your friend! Know how to find wi-fi hotspots! (Starbucks, anyone?)


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  1. Do you guys ever consider giving your clients submission reports, showing where they were submitted?

  2. Hi Ben,

    Yes, we were one the few agencies who gave clients their submission reports in the past and took up a lot of our time doing so!

    Unfortunately, a client (no longer with the agency) went down their list and harassed many of the CD's on it and threatened to file complaints against them with SAG saying that there must be something weird going on because they weren't getting called in for auditions.

    Understandably, we were kindly asked to stop giving out these reports.

    Every actor should trust their agent and have faith that they are being submitted! If not, then maybe it's time they look for a new agent?

    L&L clients know that we are submitting them on a daily basis for EVERYTHING appropriate. We welcome inquiries if they see a particular breakdown where the role calls for a specific skill that we may not be aware burping the alphabet while juggling knives and riding a unicycle!

    Thanks for reading!