Unfortunately, there are a few casting facilities in existence that solicit "memberships" to actors who audition there. They are not affiliated with the casting director at all. Memberships are not required to audition! The facility (you will think they are casting associates because they are sitting behind a desk somewhere, probably near the sign-in sheets!) will try to sell you their online service and tell you that you can watch your audition online and get "feedback". They will CHARGE you money each month (or make you buy an annual "pass") for this even if you never audition at this facility again. A lot of castings for no-budget/ultra-low/student films/specs/etc. are held at these facilities. The casting directors usually have to pay little or no money for use of the space in exchange for YOUR contact information. (See how this works?) And a lot of you self-submit on these and have no idea what you're in for. So just be careful.

Our agency rarely ever sends you to auditions at these facilities -- the only time we do so is when we know the casting director; therefore, we know the project is legitimate.

But we make sure you know the following before you go:

Do NOT give out any personal info such as phone, email, address, SS, etc., verbally or on any paperwork, sign-in sheet, form, etc. Otherwise, the facility will contact you at home, spam your email and continually try to solicit their services and hang on to your personal info for years. (Good rule of thumb: Never give out your personal info, period!)

Do NOT sign up for their "membership" or "services".

Remember, positive feedback from an audition is a CALLBACK. You don't need to buy a membership for that!


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