It was a very interesting Monday indeed.

Here we go...

What NOT to do to not get on the dreaded DROP list.

1. DON'T email your agent asking "Are you even submitting me on anything?" just because you think that you haven't heard from them lately since all those audition notices you've ben receiving come from some "" email and text number and you didn't realize that your agent is the one who is actually sending you those notices. Really???

2. DON'T think it's ok to fly out of state indefinitely and not book out only to have your agent find this out only because you get called in for auditions that you now have to miss. And then when you finally return out of the blue over a month later, don't complain that you haven't booked anything. Seriously???

3. If you happen to have your agent's cell number, DON'T call, but text to confirm auditions or to convey urgent or time-sensitive issues. For general comments or questions and including after-hours issues, please send an email. And if you are even contemplating sending (or drunk-texting) a text (or even butt-dialing) at 1 am for reasons other than a valid business one and expect a response, well...let's just say that your house BETTER be on fire. Otherwise, stick to email. You will always get a reply. (Oh, and don't even THINK about calling a director, producer or CD at home unless you are a blood-relative...and your house is on fire!)

4. When your agent invites you to a meeting to introduce you to the team, it's a good idea to NOT respond with, "Sure, but don't think I'm going to do a monologue or anything for you." (OH. NO. HE. DI'UHNT.)

5. And finally, DON'T think an agent won't drop an actor immediately for being an obnoxious and disrespectful D-bag. Rudeness and moronic behavior will not be tolerated.

Yes, all these scenarios really happened yesterday. And during pilot season. Which is why I am writing this at 6 am sharing this with you so it won't take away from my busy submission hours.

Oy vey. Such a crazy business we're in. Well, back to work!

HAPPY TUESDAY, everyone! Thanks for reading. Thought you could all use a laugh! :-)

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