It is an amazing thing that people can text, email and phone. Its sort of a curse and a blessing. I use texting, email and phone calls to get in touch with my clients, as casting directors do the same for me. It is a great way to communicate quickly. Especially with me having a family and often working at home. Having a crying newborn (2 months now) or a whining toddler (3 1/2) never seems that professional. So I am happy to have the option of texting and emailing first. NOW for the downside. I feel like I am never done working. With owning the business myself I am constantly checking my blackberry for emails and texts. Even on weekends, after hours, vacations, even when I am nursing! It is getting out of control. The fact that people can find you ALL of the time is a little strange as well. I get irritated when clients do not call back or text right away. I shouldn't but I do!
On the mommy front, I feel guilty when I work and the kids need me. In the work force I feel guilty when I am at the park and I feel that I need to be working more. It's a no win situation. It makes me miss jobs that I have had in the past. When you leave work you are done-waitressing, teaching yoga, teaching swimming...oh and acting too!
I must say that if my actors saw how I worked they would be amazed. Often with a newborn in the carrier, laptop or blackberry in hand, driving while negotiating. Its an amazing feat. With the help of family, I am able to juggle it all--I wonder for how long?

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  1. And here I am calling you at 9:37 p.m. and texting you and e-mailing. I swear call me Dina Lohan ;-P You are an awesome agent...we are blessed to have you.