Meet and Greet

Last Saturday I invited the entire roster of actors to meet my new agent, Lara. Lara has been a Godsend for me. But most of my clients (at least half of them) had not met her. They only see the emails and texts from her. The meet and greet was such a success, clients got to network with each other, share frustrations with the industry, and of course meet Lara. I loved having all of them together and catching up with the L & L Family. I see all of my actors faces everyday on the casting websites and feel like I know them so well. Its nice to chat with them outside of "you have an audition, please confirm." I am thinking of having more gatherings, like park bbqs and activities-softball anyone?
So I have started to submit my actors on more theatre roles, not to be confused with theatrical auditions-which include TV and Film. Theatre and Musical theatre roles will only help the actor book TV and Film roles, most GREAT actors started in theatre.
Both Lara and I celebrated our birthdays this month. Mine on the 17th and hers on the 19th. I also celebrated my 7 year wedding anniversary. Life with the family is going very well. My son , Daniel, had his first film audition. I was so very proud of him. His only line was "BUTT" and laughter and he followed direction exactly. He is such a funny little kid. He is adjusting so well to having a new baby brother and sharing mom with the baby and her agency.

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