Proud Mommy

My favorite thing about being an agent is telling an actor that they booked a job. I am trying to think of a way to make it even more special. My clients work so hard-taking classes, doing stand up, working the theater circuit, auditioning and constantly facing rejection-it's so nice to give them good news and let them know that all the hard work is paying off. For the little kiddies its not such a big deal, they have fun at auditions and if they get to work a job they are excited. But for my adults that have given up so much, a booking is the light and the end of the tunnel for them. Non actors don't understand the turmoil of wanting to do something so badly and not being able to. For most people if you want a certain job and you work hard enough at it, you will achieve your goals. (if you go to medical school you are on your way to being a doctor!) For actors its so different. Its luck and opportunity. Some people that seem undeserving make it big, while a very talented actor is undiscovered.
A client I have had for a year now has really grown with the agency, starting off non union. Now he is union and booked a guest star role on a show and more recently a national commercial. My associate, Lara, texted him WHOO HOO! Then called to tell him he booked. So all my actors out there need to look out for a "WHOO HOO" text! He is filming his commercial this Friday.

The L & L Talent Family is truly a family. Seriously, my real life mommy is on avail for a commercial! I hope to be texting her "WHOO HOO" soon.

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