Super Agent Mommy

The agency and children are my everyday life and sometimes I go day to day and dont realize just how much I got done. I think I should go by "super agent mommy." It wasnt until I did my taxes in April that I started to realize how well the agency went for its first full year of business. No, I am not a millionaire just yet. Not that I want tor need to be. But I wasnt in the negative and for a new business with overhead that is a wonderful thing. I am proud of how well we did last year.
Noticing that this is a good business and I have made good contacts, I decided to start to set goals for the agency.
National commercials are what keeps and agency in business. Commercials are usually not what actors are looking for...most want to be on tv or in films. But the commercials pay the bills-for both the actor and the agency. So Lara and I set a goal for ourselves to have 7 national commercials running at one time. It doesnt sound like much, but with only about 100 clients I think it is a realistic goal. Within 2 weeks of setting this goal we are up to 4! Crazy. Maybe there is something to "the secret" that Oprah recommends!
The next part of my goals for my actors are to have 10 or more guest star/co star roles. So far since I have set the goal we have 4. I also want 2 series regulars, but now that pilot season is over that will have to wait until 2010. I have to actually write the goals out, maybe seeing them everyday will help too---actors should do the same. There is something to be said for visualization. When I was a competitive swimmer our coaches had specialists come in and train us in visualization...seeing every aspect of the race from the dive to the finish. I think it really helps.

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