We've said it before...and we'll say it again.

PLEASE bring a headshot and resume with you to EVERY audition, whether the notice says to bring them or not. Some CD's have gone completely electronic and may not even ask for them but when they BETTER have them with you! No excuses!

For commercial auditions, also bring your Casting Frontier barcode with you. (If you have no idea what I am talking about, register for a free account at, upload your photo, stats, skills and resume and print out your barcode.) Always keep it in your wallet, just in case. Not all CD's use the barcode service and those who do don't always SPECIFY to bring the barcode in the casting it's good to be prepared.

And don't forget to always check for sides on LA Casting even though the notice didn't say sides were posted!

If you need some ideas for headshots, go to

Bring it!

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