Be All That you Can Be

Have you done EVERYTHING you can for your acting career? This is a business! Everyday you should do something to better yourself as an actor.
-Are your head shots up to date?
Casting Directors can see the date that you uploaded them, 
so if you are still using head shot from  
5 years ago you may want to get some updated shots. 
Add some shots of you doing special skills, or in different characters
-Add new skills
Take a yoga class, go for a jog. Add new skills to your resume.
The more special skills you have, the better chance you have to book a job.

-Can you do ALL of the skills on your resume?
If you say you are a skateboarder, you  better be prepared to have your board with you and prove it.
Same goes for instruments, sports, singing, dancing etc. 
Don't put down ballet if you haven't done a pirouette since you were in preschool.
-Are you in Class?
Having a pretty face is not enough! You need to be prepared for auditions. 
That means being in classes, taking casting director workshops, being savvy in this industry.
Networking is one of the best things you can do! 
Make friends, from the guy who signs you in at the audition, 
to the lady sitting next to you all the way to acting coaches, agents and directors.  
They can all only help your career.
Learn about the roles you are auditioning for.
Learn about the casting directors that you are reading for.
let us know what you think! Any advice for fellow actors? comment!

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  1. The best way I have networked and done research on other industry people is through "The Actors' Network". I've met a ton of casting directors there and they have a notebook with lots of informational (likes, dislikes, physical description, and other facts) on casting directors, producers, and heads of networks!