Please read ALL details on your audition notice including all dates, times, locations, wardrobe, etc. And don't forget about SIDES. Re-posting this article from the Holdon Log about sides from about a week ago for those of you who missed it.


Scenario: When the producer emailed out the audition request information he also stated that because of the audition structure, there would be "No Sides".

Dozens of performers did NOT read this and e-mailed asking if there were any sides! Now someone from the production had to re-e-mail the performers and say that they should re-read the audition information.

On the second round of auditions we suggested to the producers that they put "No Sides. Improv Only." at the top of their neatly organized audition request...which they did...and guess what?

People still asked if there were sides!?!?!? Yikes!!!

Tip: Before you reach out to a casting director or someone else involved with the project that you are requested to audition for - READ THE ENTIRE AUDITION REQUEST. If your intended question is not answered in the audition request then feel free to send your inquiry to the proper person.

~ From The Holdon Log

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But I do have to add something:

Unless the notice specifically says "NO SIDES", it is a good idea to PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE check LAC for posted sides EVERY SINGLE TIME YOU HAVE A COMMERCIAL AUDITION. There have been a few instances where the notice did not mention sides and they were in fact posted.

OK, maybe just ONE more thing to add about reading your entire notice and audition emails. (And paying attention to your text messages on your phone that never leaves your sight, right?). One time an actor had an audition in an hour and we happened to see another email from the project come in. Not an attention-getting AUDITION email, just one of the hundreds of regular casting emails, like one for additional roles or whatnot. Turns out that casting had posted REVISED sides and accidentally sent out a regular casting email to let everyone know. And YES! Our fabulous actor had their phone with them. got our text and and was able to get the revised sides.

Guess how many actors showed up prepared with the correct sides that day? One. L&L TALENT's actor, of course.

L&L actors ROCK!!!

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