Wanna be an L & L actor?

We get tons of submissions. TONS. I have the paper cuts to prove it.  Want us to look at your submission??? Here is some advice.

Cover Letter- do your research before submitting. Read our blog, website, twitter. See if we are a good agency for your goals and let us know why.  Address the letter to the proper agent. I crack up when I get cover letters that say "Dear________," if you don't have time to find out our names I dont know if you will fill out forms at auditions correctly. We want a smart actor that knows the business. Introduce yourself quickly without boasting.

Photos- Send a commercial and theatrical shot. NO MORE. I dont have time to go through your proof sheet.  For kids, snapshots are fine. BUT no hats, no food in the mouth, no drool. Be smart about the photo you choose.

Resumes-DO NOT LIE TO ME. This is the age of information, I will know if you lie about films/tv. Extra work is not to be put on your resume...featured or not. Make the resume clear and easy to understand.

We look at every single submission-hardcopies and emails.  There are many reasons for us not to call you in for an audition. It could be that we are not auditioning at that time. I could be that we have someone too similar to you. It could be your union status, or small resume. Feel free to resubmit after you have added a union or more credits.

Please do not call. You can follow up with an email, but we are very busy daily and cant take that many calls. Calling automatically puts your photo in the trash. I can tell that you are high maintenance from the get go.

WHEN TO SUBMIT???? not now! Pilot season is a waste of postage for you. Every agency is too busy.  Your best bet is summertime or December.

It's tough to find an agent and it's tough to get an audition and its tough to book a job....this is not the industry for people afraid of rejection!  Good Luck out there!


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  1. Ive been following you on twitter for a while and I would love to be repped by you guys. You seem to work your butts off and love your talent. I will submit in the summer. Have a great weekend and thanks for the honesty and information.
    Stacey Shevlin