One of our clients auditioned for the role of a "real" guitar player the other day. There were about seven people waiting to audition and only one person brought a guitar. Guess which one? Yup, OUR guy. What is wrong with this picture??? The casting director actually came into the room and asked the others, "What's wrong with you guys?? We're looking for REAL guitar players. WHY didn't you ALL bring guitars???" And one guy actually said, "Well, it didn't say to bring a guitar on the audition notes." It didn't say to wear pants either but he managed to wear a pair. Eeeegads! This reminds me of the lady who drove her car into the lake because her GPS said to drive straight ahead for 0.7 she did.


As always, read ALL audition notes and follow directions. But please make sure to bring any necessary tools, props -- WHATEVER you may need. (And have I mentioned lately to always bring headshots, resumes, and your barcode??? Just checking...) I know I don't have to worry about you guys...after all, the one guy who brought his guitar was from L & L TALENT!!!!

ac·cou·tre·ment ( -k t r-m nt, -tr -). n. 1. An accessory item of equipment, apparatus or dress.
(Usually used in the plural form.)

In our business, this step is NOT optional!

'Nuff said.


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