Just Breathe!
Before you walk into an casting directors office...take a deep breathe! Relax. Be yourself!  Now that we have been auditioning clients for the agency for a few years now, we can see that the actors that are relaxed and are comfortable do the best. Pilot season is a great opportunity to get out there and show casting directors who you are. But if you let your nerves take over, you may just show them a nervous shaky actor not yet ready to be on prime time. If you have a bad audition, you may not get another audition!
Speaking of auditions, L & L clients are really getting out there! Great film, pilot and commercial auditions so far in 2010.  Remember its not the amount of auditions you get that is important... it is what you make of the ones you get. Do a great job when you get out there.  If you are a nervous Nelly, try taking a yoga class or meditate before you go in.

Also for the non L & L clients that read our blog: we are currently only taking SAG adults with 2 or more Co-Star credits and you must have a reel! If you meet this criteria please email us with your head shot, resume and reel. We are always seeking babies and toddlers! We need multiples!
Congrats to all of our bookings last month! 2 movie of the weeks, multiple commercials and print jobs!

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