Policy: CONFIRM YOUR AUDITIONS (or text us and ask us to confirm for you) WITHIN THE HOUR OR THEY WILL BE CANCELED. No exceptions.

Please be courteous to your casting directors by confirming your auditions ASAP!!!

In a perfect world, everyone would confirm as soon as they received their audition notice. (A lot of you guys do this and we LOVE it!!) In the real world, most of you are able to confirm within a half an hour. We love and totally dig that too (does a
nyone even say "dig it" anymore? Yikes.). But confirming within the hour is agency policy. Why one hour? Because that is about how long it usually takes for an annoyed casting director or assistant to call and ask why our client hasn't confirmed yet. We don't like getting those types of calls. But unfortunately, we do get them, and we don't dig that at all. And we have to tell them that our client just hasn't gotten back to us yet. AND. THEN. THEY. TAKE. YOUR. AUDITION AWAY.

Is the "one-hour or cancel" confirmation policy being too tough on you guys? We think not. I read about an agent who will DROP a client if they don't confirm an audition within a half an hour. Tough, but very effective policy. And that agent just mentioned that he met another agent who will drop clients from the agency (kaput!) if they don't confirm an audition within five minutes. FIVE MINUTES? Now THAT is brtual.

CONFIRM YOUR AUDITIONS (or text us and ask us to confirm for you) WITHIN THE HOUR OR THEY WILL BE CANCELED. No exceptions. "I wasn't near a computer" is not a valid excuse. If you are on a plane flying back to LA and cannot text us within the hour (and well, we would know that you were on a plane because you would have BOOKED OUT with us!) then you have a valid excuse. (Although some flights do have wi-fi...more on that subject later!)

For LA Casting auditions, log in to your account and confirm (green check mark). If you cannot get to a computer to confirm, TEXT US IMMEDIATELY and we will confirm for you. For auditions received through Actors Access -- you MUST confirm by contacting us because we have to co
nfirm online on our end. If there is a very good reason why you must decline the audition, please text or email us IMMEDIATELY so we can decline the audition and hopefully send in a replacement and give another L & L family member the opportunity. Also, please check callback and shoot dates to make sure you are indeed available on those dates before confirming.

I can't think of any reason why anyone wouldn't confirm an audition within the hour. OK, so if you are driving home and are more than an hour away from LA, you can call us (hands-free, of course) to say, "Hey, remember when I booked out and said I'd be out-of town today? Well, I'm driving back home at the moment and just received a text from you and can't check it since it is against the law to do so and simply cannot pull over for one second even if my career is at stake -- so, is it an audition notice?" And then we can tell you the project and time and you can give us a quick yes or no. Easy-peasy. You can get the rest of the details when you get to a computer...or you can check your texts the next time you use a rest-area.

So, if anyone can think of any other reason why one wouldn't confirm within the hour and risk losing the audition, text me and we'll discuss! Which brings us to the next policy...


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