In addition to CF barcodes, many casting companies are using the digital size cards through Breakdown Express and Actors Access.

Please fill out your virtual size card through your Actors Access Account. There is no charge to have the Basic Actors Access Account. There are additional enhanced services available for fees. But for what most casting directors need, it is totally FREE to talent and only takes a few minutes. The following instructions are from the Actors Access "how-to" section, but the cmail via text messaging instructions can be used for regular email as well.

STEP 1: Go to Enter username and password. Click on 'Manage My Contact Info' and make sure everything with a red star is completed. Fill in your cell phone and email where it says to list personal contact number and e-mail address. This is for cmail notifications only. You do not need to list your home address. You may be required to fill in the postal zip code, if so, use your agency's zip code: L & L Talent's zip code is 90274.

If you do not have email access on your phone, you can still get cmail delivered to your cell via text messaging.

Do you have a cell phone that allows Text Messaging? YES! So, you can get an alert anytime your agent, manager or a casting director use our new online CMAIL to send you important information. CMAIL connects casting directors together with agents and managers and their clients. CMAIL allows casting directors to contact you directly when you submit yourself through Actors AccessSM. With this service you always know when to check Actors AccessSM for appointment information for an interview no matter where you are.

If you use AT&T, Cingular, Nextel, SBC, Sprint, T Mobile or Verizon you can take advantage of this service. When you fill out your contact information in Actors AccessSM, use the Alternate Email Box to put in your text messaging address.

What's your Text Messaging Address? That's easy, just take a look at the list below based on your carrier and input your 10 digit phone number followed by the @ symbol and the specific address listed below.

AT&T: your 10 digit

Cingular and SBC: your 10 digit

Nextel: your 10 digit

Sprint: your 10 digit

T Mobile: your 10 digit

Verizon: your 10 digit

Now you will get a text message alert for you to logon to to view a pending interview or an urgent request to contact your agent.

Next click on ‘Manage Profile’ and complete everything in the ‘About Me’ section. (In the ‘Manage Profile’ section you can also upload headshots, your resume, etc.)

If your profile is not already linked to your agents and managers, go to ‘Manage Representation’ for instructions on how to do this.

STEP 2: You will need to fill in your virtual size card info. THIS IS IN A DIFFERENT WINDOW WITH A SEPARATE LOGIN PAGE which uses your same Actor Access username and password. To fill out your virtual size card, you need to log into the following web address:

You need to have the most current version of FLASH on your computer to access the site. At the very bottom of the sizecard login page is a link to download FLASH at no charge. Do this first if you don’t have flash or need to update to the current version.

There are two sections here. The first one, "information we need" relates to your sizes. Complete everything here. The second, "information we have" shows your contact info along with your height, weight, hair and eye color. If anything is missing here refer to Step 1 above to complete. Before exiting, click on preview which will save all your changes and also list out in red on the top of the page any other information you are missing that needs to be completed.

Once your info is in, you never have to re-enter it unless something changes. No barcodes, etc. When you audition, they will simply type your name in and all of your info should pop up.

While you're at it, please make sure to fill out and/or update your size information on LA Casting and CF as well!

This system will allow casting directors to get actors in and out quicker and more efficiently, cut down on errors caused by illegible handwriting, and save a lot of trees.


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