Policy: All clients must have text-and-internet-enabled smartphones within reach as well as access to a computer with internet and email.

Before we sign anyone, we tell them that three things are required (well, besides incredible talent, a great resume and a winning attitude!).

One: A text-and-internet-enabled smartphone. (iPhone, Samsung, BlackBerry, HTC, Nokia, etc.)

Two: Access to a computer with email and internet.

Three: Did I mention a text-and-internet-enabled smartphone? I did? OK, then -- number three is "your text-and-internet-enabled phone must be on your person and accessible at all times."

Here's the deal. As you know, we send out your audition notices by email and text messaging. Our agency also communicates electronically -- primarily by text and email. (Please see Melody's previous post "The Importance of a Smartphone") All day, every day. Actually, some days it is 24/7. I'm not even kidding. Although most casting directors and production people also communicate electro
nically, we do spend a considerable amount of time every day on the phone with them. So while we are on the phone with them, you can send us your questions and concerns via email and text. We will answer them quicker and easier than if we have to go through a hundred voicemails and then try to call you back. I just read an agent's (from another agency) post somewhere that "THE TIME YOU SPEND TALKING ON THE PHONE TO YOUR AGENT IS TIME THEY CAN'T USE TO SUBMIT YOU." That statement couldn't be truer. So, you can send your more urgent "time-is-of-the-essence" messages via text and general or lengthy questions or concerns by email. You will always get a reply.

As you know, casting notices are sent via email and text. And we understand that not everyone can get to their computers 24/7 and some of you have told us that email access is not always convenient (those in school, etc.) but hey! You have a text-enabled smartphone. If you aren't by your computer and for some reason you can't access LA Casting on your smartphone, you can always confirm with us via text. All Actors Access auditions are confirmed directly with me via text/email/cmail anyway. See how this works?

Now, about the "within reach" part. I know an actor whose agent made her carry her phone at all times. Well, she couldn't carry her purse around at work and she didn't always have pockets so ---
her agent made her carry her phone in her bra. And if this actor didn't call her back within five minutes, there would be hell to pay. This policy was brutal, but effective. (She never failed to call her agent back and she never missed an audition.) Keeping your phone within reach is extremely important --- especially since same-day, last minute auditions or straight-to-callbacks are almost becoming the norm rather than the exception. (We don't want to hear that your phone was in your purse and your purse was in your car...and your car was four blocks away so you didn't get the audition info in time!)

It isn't that hard to keep your phone with you at all times. As some of you know, I wear my phone on a lanyard around my neck so I don't misplace it (and believe me, I would!). Not quite the fashion statement but who cares? It works. It is always with me.

We are happy to report that because of text-messaging to smartphones within reach, this instant exchange of information has made it possible for most of you to make these same-day auditions!

We've had some awesome auditions lately. Keep up the great work!

* * * * *

Some people have said that "their phone doesn't receive text messages" but I think it means that texting on their phone has been blocked. You need to unblock texting on your phone. This is the 21st century, folks! Every cell phone these days is capable of receiving a text message. I had a Motorola Star-Tac back in 1999 that had no color screen, no photos, no music, no ringtones, no camera, no games, no apps. Nada. Not a single lux-u-ry. We were just happy to have a mobile phone back then. But guess what it did have? Text messaging! This is over ten years ago and my Motorola dinosaur had text messaging. I loved that little Star-Tac...

Text me!

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