Time frames are for EMERGENCIES only. Emergency meaning that you ABSOLUTELY have to decline the audition at the scheduled time (perhaps because of another audition or better yet, a last-minute BOOKING!). If someone asks for a time frame, CD's assume that the actor ABSOLUTELY CANNOT make the original time (due to a TRUE emergency) and if they don't have a time frame available they will automatically CANCEL your original time and take you off the schedule completely and make room for another actor.  

Unfortunately, people have been abusing time frames because "they don't like to drive in traffic" or "they're not morning people" and casting directors are not putting up with it anymore. We are also getting more and more "job-related" excuses. We understand that everyone has to work for a living, but remember that if you cannot take time off for an audition, what is casting going to think about you being able to get the time off work if you happen to book the job? 

Also, more actors have been requesting time frames and get them and still MISS the audition for one reason or another. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE. We will no longer be requesting time frames unless the CD has provided them on the notice.

So please look at your audition notice and if CD's post a time frame on there, you may request to use it FOR EMERGENCIES ONLY. CD's know that there are at least a thousand other people out there (who look like you and are possibly as talented as you are) who would be glad to take that appointment off your hands. And please do not ""fib" to them about having another audition at the same time if you really don't -- CD's sometimes ask "which audition?" just out of curiosity (or to help you with scheduling) and you will just dig yourself into a hole.

And PLEASE DON'T BE LATE FOR YOUR AUDITION. Casting directors get to work on time. Why can't everyone else?


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  1. Totally understand this! Makes sense.. thanks for helping Actors to be more AWARE! So important to respect each other in this business and work as a team. We all want to do a good job...