POLICY: Use discretion and keep audition and booking details to yourself.

Tweeting, facebooking, blogging. Social networking. Great tools for passing on information, opinions, ideas, news, etc. We at L & L TALENT do it too. We send out quick updates, status messages, comments, congrats and other fun stuff on twitter and we have a client-and-industry-only facebook account for business memos, notices and special casting requests. And on this blog, we post tips, reminders, musings, observations, ideas, rants, photos and best of all, some of our actors' commercials or clips that we are able to post online.

Please remember that the key to successful tweeting/facebooking/blogging is DISCRETION! General info is listed on those p
ages and clients can email or text us for more details. People have gotten fired, banned and blacklisted (or worse) for revealing too much information online. Did I mention that discretion is key? Some people like to tweet about auditions, but wouldn't you rather wait until you actually book the job? 

And it's ok to tweet or post that you got a "national commercial booking" or an "episodic booking". But no details whatsoever. This protects everybody! 

But you can (and should!) announce air dates! 

(Update 2012) We used to make general congratulatory tweets ("woohoos!") about fabulous bookings (without mentioning product or episode names or details) but now we no longer release any information at all especially the actors names until the spot or episode airs. Unfortunately, our actors were getting harassed by random people and other actors were becoming resentful and envious of the numerous bookings. Le sigh.

Also, a lot of people have been sharing audition info with their "friends" -- friends who crash auditions (a major DON'T), piss off casting directors and if they happen to be able to get in, lessen your chances of getting the booking. Plus, you don't want a thousand people crashing YOUR audition, right? ("Yay, I'm SO excited!!! I have an audition for the new iPhone commercial tomorrow at 2 at Sunrise Casting for the role of Mary!!!") I don't think so. You blab, you lose. Why would anyone do such a thing? This is a very competitive and cut-throat business. Do yourself a favor -- keep audition details to yourself. And book the job!

Now let's get to work!!!

P.S. Speaking of iPhones, does everyone have a smartphone yet? (See Melody's previous post, "Importance of a Smartphone") iPhone, BlackBerry, Samsung, Nokia, HTC, whatever - CHOOSE YOUR FAVORITE! Text and email access righ
t at your fingertips!!! Having a text-enabled smartphone is MANDATORY for all clients. It will make your life easier! Plus, you can tweet/facebook/blog from it! ;-)

Another option is Apple's iPod Touch. No monthly service required. Great for going online and getting email. Texting is available as well and some of these apps are free of charge. Check it out!
(Disclaimer: Melody and I do NOT work for any phone carriers/companies, RIM, Apple, etc. We are not endorsing or selling any products and are not advertising or receiving any type of compensation or discounts for mentioning these products. We just LOVE smartphones.)


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